How to build a client portfolio as a new recruitment agency

New business development is crucial to the long term success of a new recruitment agency, but with it becoming increasingly difficult to get through to the correct person when 'cold calling' -...

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Start up recruitment agency - what do you need to know about GDPR?

How do I attract talent as a new recruitment agency?

Demand for talented candidates within the recruitment world is higher than ever, and competition continues to increase, so how can a new recruitment agency attract and engage with the best...

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Social media made easy for new recruitment agencies

So you have decided to venture into the world of social media or improve on what you are doing in this area, great! However, before you begin here are some key considerations for you to think...

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The benefits of online booking software

If you run a temporary recruitment agency or are just starting out, then you’ll know (or soon will do!) that keeping on top of your administrative chores is imperative.

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10 Advantages of Using Cloud Based Recruitment Software 

So it’s time to find recruitment software or a better Applicant Tracking System. Either your business has outgrown your old solution, you’ve been struggling along without one or you are setting up...

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Understanding the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)

What are Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)?

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) are an important piece of EU legislation and the interpretations of the AWR legislation still leaves many hirers and...

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Things To Know About Cyber Security For New Recruitment Agencies

Following on from the most serious cyber-attack on the UK so far, the Wannacry ransomware attack in May last year that disrupted hospitals, the focus on data security is more acute than ever. So...

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New recruitment agency? Here's our key recommendations... 

Starting your own recruitment agency can be both rewarding and profitable, and this article discusses our top recommendations for a new recruitment agency which hopefully you’ll find useful.

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How to set up a recruitment agency - 5 top tips

So you have made the decision to go it alone in the world of temporary recruitment.

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