How to ensure longstanding client relationships

Gaining clients is one thing but retaining them is another. Customer loyalty is crucial in a highly competitive industry like temporary recruitment. Returning customers can ensure regular...

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How to offer an outstanding recruitment service

In a busy, competitive industry, you need to work hard to secure new business while offering the best possible customer service to existing clients.

Impressing customers starts before...

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How recruitment technology ensures you keep hold of your clients

Communication is key

Whether you are a start-up or an established temporary recruitment agency, one of your biggest challenges will be building a list of clients. In a busy, competitive...

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Are CV's still relevant in recruitment

In most sectors a CV still remains a vital tool in the recruitment process, although the traditional format of it may not be such an appropriate approach any longer. Digital technology has...

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How to make your job advert stand out from the crowd

In such a busy and competitive marketplace, it is essential to spark an interest quickly with job-hunting candidates as they will likely be scrolling through lots of competitor adverts at the same...

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5 things candidates want from a recruitment agency

First and foremost candidates want to receive a first class service from an approachable temporary recruitment agency, that can make a great impression! It has been shown that candidates are more...

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5 steps to finding your niche as a new recruitment agency

Working within a niche area is a good way to stand out from the competition, establish a good reputation and to set yourself up as an industry expert, but how do you start off as a new recruitment...

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How to make money in temporary recruitment

Recruitment can be a tough, fast-paced and highly competitive industry at the best of times, so how do you succeed and ultimately make money as a temporary recruitment agency?

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Funding and finance as a new recruitment agency - what are your options?

Most start-ups seek funding early on. Even when self funding is available, it is generally not sustainable, especially in the temporary recruitment sector where businesses are required to invoice...

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10 Benefits of back office outsourcing

Many types of businesses are increasingly outsourcing general administration, but the temporary recruitment industry is leading the way. A provider specialising in the recruitment...

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