Recruitment can be a tough and highly competitive industry at the best of times, but what are the main hurdles recruiters are challenged with today?

1. Demand for quality talent

In some areas of business quality candidates can be hard to come by as the demand outweighs supply currently. Market conditions and the imminent departure from the EU have meant a decrease of EU worker availability and - within some industries - a reluctance of staff to consider a job move, resulting in a widening skills gap. In such a fast paced arena as recruitment any delay in the hiring process can mean missing out on top talent.

2. Differentiation and USP

Standing out within a crowded market is essential and building a reputation to impress and retain candidates and clients, fundamental. Clear and professional branding including a good website and appropriate, regular use of social media can give you an edge over others. Staying in touch with a 'talent pool' through email marketing; sharing news, successes and industry news can ensure your company remains in the forefront.

3. Millennials

Park Communications indicate that by 2020 35% of the workforce is expected to be Millenials and 24% will be Gen Z, more than half of the working population. These are a tech savvy crowd that are used to quickly assessing and comparing the benefits that jobs have to offer, to make decisions of what is best for them and their family. 

According to their top 5 priorities are: 

1. Flexible working - working where suits

2. More time with their manager - career path focus

3. Wanting to know why - used to having instant answers courtesy of Google and the like!

4. Fast career progression - with salary aspirations

5. Social work environment - particularly important day to day

4. Technology

The right software can help you stay ahead of the game. Don’t let the level of administration that comes with running a successful temporary recruitment agency hinder your growth. Intuitive and efficient software exists to help your business flourish by streamlining and simplifying your workflow. A package that automates key processes will save you time and money while reducing risk and future-proofing your business operations as your start-up grows. 

Not all software is created equal. Think about what you want your software to do for you and your business. The best software for a temporary recruitment agency is tailor-made for the industry and designed to manage the entire recruitment process on one system. What you choose should be both easy to use, intuitive and provide the longevity to meet the demands of a growing business from start-up and beyond.

Building a reputable recognisable brand, streamlining processes and utilising the right software, can all help create a competitive advantage and maintain a consistent level of great service.


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