Buying new recruitment software to support your business?

What about training? Should you pay for formal training, or work out how to use it as you go along? 

Training is always a sensitive issue for businesses because it can be quite expensive and, depending on the type of training, the benefits are not always clear.

Business owners want to know if the investment in training is worthwhile, if they can expect to see an acceleration in system usage productivity, and whether overall business performance improves. Of course, any investment in staff development is rarely a false economy, so equipping your staff to work more effectively by providing software training should deliver faster returns and demonstrate to them that they are an organisation asset worth investing in. Failure to show this level of investment and commitment in staff development is a key factor in highlighting why some businesses have issues with staff retention.

Of course, training comes in many forms where some will deliver a more subjective return on investment (ROI), whilst others can be measured more explicitly in terms of outcomes. Broadly speaking, software training falls in to this latter category. Let’s look at some of the advantages to software training.

Key advantages of recruitment software training:

  • Allows the participant to use hands-on training to apply what they have learned immediately
  • Aids information retention through the interactive elements of the training
  • Provides the fastest route to maximising and mastering the full functionality of the system
  • Improves and speeds up technique
  • Offers access to a system expert to help work through business specific questions and issues

The cost of investing in new software is often significant, so why would you want to devalue that investment by cutting costs on training? The advantages of proper training are clear, and they result in benefits both to the business and the staff. Let’s look at those now.

5 benefits that formal software training offers:

  • Improved staff productivity and consistent working practices across the business
  • Reduced time spent on support queries to allow staff to focus on value-add activities
  • Confident and knowledgeable staff delivering better business performance
  • Improved staff retention
  • Faster system implementation and roll out across the business to speed up the training ROI and increase profitability

In recognising the advantages and benefits of formal training identified above, why choose Flo Software?

Flo Software has a 6-step approach to training to ensure that the businesses we work with are informed pre- training, practically educated during training, and supported post-training. This comprehensive approach builds staff that are confident with using the system but also provides support when it is needed. The six steps are:

  • Send out a pre-training information pack to participants to set the scene for the training day
  • Provide a great balance of demonstration and practical application to support learning and information retention
  • Use fun and informative modular testing to assess understanding and highlight revision areas
  • Talk through/demonstrate the application of the Flo system to address client-specific scenarios
  • Email post-training support documentation, video access links and training evaluation
  • Provide a free support desk (phone, email, live chat) for the duration of the contract

The importance of training should not be underestimated for staff or businesses alike, and this is never more pertinent than when rolling out a new software system


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