Christmas planning is essential for temporary recruitment agencies

With just 7 weeks to go till Christmas, many temporary recruitment agencies will have to prepare for a spike in demand for skilled temporary workers from their clients. The Christmas season causes the year’s biggest recruitment drive, particularly in industries such as retail and logistics. This is partly due to the development of E-commerce and omnichannel retailing, which makes most shops more accessible to consumers by offering multi-platform buying options. To be able to cope with an increased seasonal demand, many businesses will therefore have to increase their workforce for a period of time.

In many industries, ‘Christmas’ is usually defined as the six weeks leading up to Christmas Day. The continuing increase in online spending - Centre for Retail Research estimated that sales in stores in the UK fell by 2.5% in 2017, continuing a pattern seen since 2008 -  has caused large online retailers like Amazon to recruit for thousands of extra warehouse workers and drivers, while many other shops offering pick-ups or home deliveries are also likely to require more couriers and drivers in the period leading up to the holidays. Another example is the UK’s top Christmas recruiter Royal Mail, hiring many extra staff to fulfil the demand of delivering both parcels and Christmas cards to people’s homes.

The end of the calendar year is also a popular time for employers to start looking for employees who could be available for longer contracts or projects. Many companies traditionally start a new recruitment drive in January, mirroring the ‘fresh start’ of the new year and catering for newly set business targets. In order to beat the competition for available talent, November and December are good months for recruiters to look for new candidates.

Businesses who want to hire the most qualified candidates for temporary roles know that they need to plan early to stay ahead of the competition, calling on temporary recruitment agencies to provide temporary workers who are reliable and affordable, but have enough experience to hit the ground running. Particularly for those businesses who require large numbers of seasonal temporary workers, compliance checks and real-time visibility tools are essential. Recruitment agencies who use cloud-based software systems such as Flo Software are able to access candidate information on the move. They can check candidate availability, as well as the status of important compliance documents. Furthermore, they can process time sheets quickly and efficiently and save on administration cost.


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