So you have made the decision to go it alone in the world of temporary recruitment.

Temporary recruitment is a competitive, but very rewarding industry to set up a business in. Agencies are used by both small companies and big corporations and they serve pretty much every sector of the economy.

Once you’ve perfected your business plan, calculated your financial projections and researched the market, there’s still a lot to do before you will see your first invoice being paid.

But what can you do to make your transition into being a recruitment entrepreneur a little less stressful? Here are Flo's top tips on how to set up a recruitment agency;

Use your experience

Most new recruitment companies are founded by someone with decent experience in the industry. If you’ve been part of an established office, you are more likely to feel confident about your knowledge and skills.

Perhaps it was even whilst working in recruitment that you first noticed a gap in the market for your own business? Whatever your background, remember that it’s just as valuable to learn from the mistakes of others’ as it is to learn from their successes. As the old saying goes; don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Learn more and consider outsourcing

Perhaps even more importantly than using your experience, is realising what your experience is lacking. What don’t you know? If you have little understanding of social media, marketing strategies or creating websites, it could be worth taking a master-class, webinar or using an external agency.

In other cases, it might be best to realise that your attention is better focused elsewhere. Talking to someone from an accounting or legal service, or outsourcing certain functions for example payroll, can help bring in additional expertise leaving you with more hours each week to focus on prospecting new clients and developing the growth of your business.

Prepare for day one

Many new entrepreneurs say that, despite all of their plans and research, they weren’t fully prepared for their first day as a new business owner or it may well have been a quick decision to set up.

Recruiters are sociable by nature and leaving a buzzing office for a small home study can be a shock to the system. From the first day you’ll be expected to combine many roles into one, becoming as much of a marketer and a credit controller, as a temporary recruiter.

Finding a network of other business owners who may be able to provide you with support and advice during this initial period can be a great help.

Stay focused

The key is to remain passionate about what you set out to achieve. Attending industry and networking events can refresh your passion for the sector and help to keep you on top of any new industry developments.

Create a productive workspace

The right working environment is important for every entrepreneur. This means making sure you have a fast internet connection and a good phone line, as well as keeping your office space structured and organised.

Finding the right recruitment software is also essential. For all temporary recruitment agencies overseeing multiple bookings and time-sheets at the same time, is a big part of the role.

Flo’s cloud based software has been developed with start-up agencies in mind to help you save time, reduce admin costs and remain compliant from the very first day.


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