Keeping talent in your recruitment agency

Your workforce are one of your most valuable assets and an effective strategy is needed to nurture, support and invest-in good staff members to engage them and keep them wanting to work for you and your agency..

Firstly,  let your company culture drive your hiring strategy. Cultural fit for all employees is essential but what else can you consider to keep good staff happy?

1. Don't promise what you cannot deliver

During the interview process only commit to things you can ultimately follow through with. If not you could be left with disappointed and demotivated staff. Lead by example and be available and consistent.

2. Employee development 

A clear development plan can increase staff engagement, plus quality time and resources invested the team - in terms of training courses, workshops etc. - can mean staff are less likely to leave your agency. Find out specifics of what staff would like to achieve professionally and provide the tools to enable these achievements as much as possible. Empower staff and encourage them taking responsibility for their own role.

3. Transparency 

Clear business communications, regular team meetings and encouraged participation from all can help staff to feel a valued part of the team. Invite employee input into company-wide improvement suggestions. While you may not be able to make all the changes suggested, implement where possible and allow staff the resources to test out new ideas and innovations. This can be a great basis for a team building exercise or event.

4. Rewards and Benefits

To hire and keep the best staff it is recommended to pay above the market rate. This will both entice good candidates initially and then continue to prove to your team that you value their work. 

In terms of offering extra staff benefits it can be more cost effective to use a third party package, for example Perkbox. KPI's and goals set can drive and motivate your team and rewards could include gift vouchers or a meal out.

5. Promote accordingly

It is essential to recognise good work and performance. A promotion tells both the employee and the rest of the agency that you have appreciated the extra efforts put in and achievements made.

One of the most expensive parts of any agency is staffing. Bringing in new employees can cost thousands and loosing staff members can trigger a domino effect and unsettle others. Exit interviews can offer constructive criticism and it is important to learn from the feedback . But it is essential to remember there are things you can do to hold onto talent and a great team!


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