Five ways in which the cloud has changed business

The term ‘cloud computing’ is one that is frequently used in business these days, but what is it and what can it do? Put simply, the cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud computing allows...

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Six laws recruitment agencies need to know about

The rules surrounding staffing, both temporary and permanent, seem to change often, and recruitment agencies need to be alert to these changes to ensure they don’t fall foul of the law. Here are...

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Trends in temporary employment: what are the implications for recruiters?

The landscape of the temporary recruitment industry has transformed unmistakably over the past number of years. With more and more companies recognising the value of having a contingent workforce...

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9 things agencies do for contractors to win them work

Those who wonder what their agency does to earn its margin may not be aware of all the functions a recruiter performs, and the resulting costs to the recruiter’s business. In fact, recruiters...

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New recruitment business? Communication is key!

If you’re looking to set up a new recruitment business, communication is key to effective working and achieving success.

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Recruitment software – what to look out for

So you are just setting up your own temporary recruitment agency or things are going well, business is booming and you need a more formal way to manage the day to day running of your agency. ...

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Avoid the most common recruitment start-up mistakes

The recruitment industry is one of the toughest industries to start out in and one of the hardest to retain longevity of business, while the barriers to start up a recruitment business remain lax....

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How good recruitment software keeps you compliant

With temporary recruitment, it is likely that you will be dealing with a wide range of business and job requirements. From documentation to confirm that your candidate has the right to work in the...

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Why switch to cloud-based recruitment software?

To those in the computing space, cloud computing has been gathering traction for a number of years, but now it is almost expected with regards to forward thinking recruitment software.

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5 key advantages of recruitment software training

Buying new recruitment software to support your business?

What about training? Should you pay for formal training, or work out how to use it as you go along? 

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