Things To Know About Cyber Security For New Recruitment Agencies

Following on from the most serious cyber-attack on the UK so far, the Wannacry ransomware attack in May last year that disrupted hospitals, the focus on data security is more acute than ever. So...

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New recruitment agency? Here's our key recommendations... 

Starting your own recruitment agency can be both rewarding and profitable, and this article discusses our top recommendations for a new recruitment agency which hopefully you’ll find useful.

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How to set up a recruitment agency - 5 top tips!

So you have made the decision to go it alone in the world of temporary recruitment.

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Five entrepreneurial lessons for new recruitment agencies 

If you are setting up your own recruitment agency or thinking about doing so, it couldn’t hurt to watch some of the classic films mentioned in this blog to gain some business insight, tips or...

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Recruitment software for start up agencies

When starting up a recruitment agency, what type of recruitment software should I buy?

Starting up your own recruitment agency is an exciting and daunting time for even the most knowledgeable ...

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Am I cut out to run a recruitment agency? Take our quiz and see…

Are you thinking about running your own recruitment agency or starting one up?

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Is free recruitment software right for you?

Whether you are a brand new recruitment agency or an existing one that is growing, you will soon need a reliable professional recruitment software system.

You may be tempted to dip your toe in the...

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Six things every new recruitment agency should do

Between 1st January and 30th November 2017 an average of 818 agencies were formally established each month. This is a 28% higher start-up rate than the number registered during the whole of 2016...

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5 Quick tips about how to save money in a small recruitment business

 When you are setting up your own recruitment business, budgeting will be right at the top of your agenda. But even when you’ve made your financial plan as solid as possible, there might still be...

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The added value of offering a client portal

When you are setting up a temporary recruitment agency, or expanding and looking at investing in your business, the software you use has to be one of your prime considerations.

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