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A highly trained team can work on your behalf to ensure a fast, efficient and accurate payroll service which ensures everyone gets paid on time - every time!

Outsourcing your payroll function leaves only key tasks for yourself or your agency team to fully focus on.

Removing stress and allowing you more time and effort for what you do best - selling. Increasing your competitive advantage, long term success and ultimately profits. 

Consider these 5 pointers to help find the right outsourcing partner to manage your payroll

1. Service 

It is not a given all providers provide the same quality level of service or services. It is worth exploring what else they can help with, for example a funding solution for your agency. Check up on industry knowledge and a customer orientated service approach.

Establishing the clear requirements of your agency is crucial and it is important to have transparency within the working relationship - so both parties know where they stand.

 2. Communication

Secure and suitable communication methods are needed. Determine the best way of working for both parties and any information deadlines or mutually agreed milestones to consider, to ensure an effective correspondence loop.

3. Flexibility

It is important the partner you choose offers a fair level of adaptability and be able to serve urgent requirements, but you also know their restrictions from the off. That way you can establish the most effective way to work together, quickly.

4. On-boarding

It is essential a thorough on-boarding process is explained and offered, with any necessary training for example software, arranged. So the process can be efficient and no time is wasted unnecessarily for either party. 

Training for systems can both equip yourself and your staff to work more effectively and should deliver faster returns, improving and speeding up technique.

5. Security 

An outsourcing company should have clear procedures in place to protect you and your agency data. Putting in place a secure cloud-based system from a reputable provider which places security at the forefront of their service, is essential to hold huge amounts of candidates’ personal and financial details.

With the introduction of GDPR transforming how data is held and managed, many organisations use specialist software to ensure compliance in this area.


To find out more about the service we can offer, call us on 01827 438 065 or email us on info@flo.co.uk.



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