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During this uncertain and unprecedented time effecting all businesses, many agencies will be thinking about what they can do both now and in the future.

Interim hires can make an instant difference, provide a reoccurring revenue plus be a worthwhile longer term addition, adding business value.

The role of a 'temp' has broadened over the years and now assignments are completed at all business levels and from a simple day to several months in length. 

So what can be gained from using temporary staff?

1. Flexibility - gaps can be filled quickly, problems solved with no long term commitment needed and therefore ideal staffing levels maintained.

2. Specialised competencies - existing staff may lack skills in certain areas that temp staff may be able to offer and share.

3. Fresh perspective - new ideas, experience and outlook.

4. Reinvigorate existing staff  - busy and over-loaded workers can be counter-productive for any business. To bring in temporary extra resource can help to create a happier and more effective workforce, plus often re-engage permanent staff.

5. Meet business demands - with current unpredictable requirements, staffing levels can be scaled up or down efficiently, without the need to increase or decrease official headcount.

6. Cost control - without long term commitment or extra employee costs such as pension contributions, staffing related cost management can be improved.

7. Minimise loss of productivity - temp staff can be useful to cover ongoing and regular tasks while hiring a permanent position.

8. Find permanent staff - according to reedglobal.com, a third of managers started out as temp staff.

Temporary resource can offer a range of advantages to any business; adaptability, engagement, an alternative approach and diverse skills.


And what are the advantages from being a temporary worker?

It can be a misconception that temporary candidates are in some way inferior candidates - but this is simply not true! Temporary workers offer an abundance of experience, knowledge and skills, plus rates of pay can be very good! 

Certain lifestyles fit really well with temporary working; the control, variety and flexibility offered, the chance to learn new skills and network, training opportunities and a quickly enriched CV. 

As a temporary candidate working conditions and rights are protected and a glimpse into a multitude of workplaces explored. It can also lead to opportunities and provide a great stepping stone into a permanent position, if desired.

A good agency to work with is essential to ensure requirements, skill sets and longer term plans are fully understood,  



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