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As we approach week 6, we are all much more well-adjusted to working from home, video calls and casual clothes becoming the new office norm.

Business aside, we asked around our Flo team to find out how they’re continuing to manage everyday life in lockdown, and how they are adapting to the changes.

Here are a few tips from the team about what they’ve been doing/have continued to do:

Missing the team

Through our laptops and headsets, bringing the office experience home has been fairly simple, but what about the out of office hours? Time spent with teammates having Friday drinks, a team meal, or even the lunch break chatter – teammates are greatly missed.

At Flo, our team have stayed together via the help of video chatting services. Continuing our tradition of '5 P Friday', we have forgone all P’s and replaced them with a Q, recently partaking in a Zoom quiz hosted by our director.

We have also explored Microsoft Teams, opening a lunchtime video chat for team members to join in and have the usual lunch time chatter – making breaks a lot less boring.

Outside of work, these methods of catching up have been useful in our personal lives, members have been using Zoom to host drinks with friends, continue their usual dance/exercise classes, and using the popular app Houseparty to bring the feeling of going out with friends back indoors!


Fighting boredom

As mentioned above, video calling is a great way to have your usual catch up with friends and cure some of that boredom. However for the the gaming fans of Flo, connecting digitally has been the norm for a while. With stock selling out across the country, the Nintendo Switch has been a popular choice amongst the team, its capabilities creating fun for all in the home as well as online with friends

Whatever age you are, we are all able to learn. Having some more free time in the evenings is a perfect excuse to give it a go. Plenty of courses are available online, a lot free and discounted options, from the likes of the Open University and Centre of Excellence.

However you don’t have to go fully into a course, you can learn a language via the mobile app Duolingo, or follow talks and tutorials on YouTube.

One thing we’ve noticed is how much people have enjoyed the usually mundane and put-off tasks. It seems that every day someone is painting, sorting the loft, building, or even following long-winded baking recipes. Having more time indoors has meant that people are able to get around to doing the things they’ve been putting off for ages, and overall putting more time in – long live the DIY!


Staying sane

Without the traveling to work and change of scenery it can feel difficult to keep a routine, at Flo we try to maintain some normality by having a 15 min ‘huddle’ call each morning in our departments to discus how we are and our schedules for the day. This gives anyone struggling a chance to ask for help if needed and have a catch up.

Setting manageable goals for yourself is also important, making sure you do your usual work hours and not working late into the night. Plus remembering to take breaks.

Its usual to feel anxious in uncertain times, so finding a balance is very necessary. Relaxing activities like yoga or something as simple as having a bath, are great for calming yourself and taking a break.

Mobile apps such as Action for Happiness and Headspace, promote mindfulness through breathing exercises, meditation, and positive reminders.  Whatever helps you unwind, take time for yourself.

These are uncertain times, and it is so important to make a conscious effort to stay healthy and positive. Remember to check regularly Government guidelines, and everything will be back to a kind of 'normal' in no time. Stay safe!

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