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Here at Flo, we have long been preparing our technology for a situation like the one we currently find ourselves in due to COVID-19. As Flo is a cloud-based and fully integrated pay-and-bill software, we are fortunate that our team have no trouble bringing the office home with them.

Through use of a few handy mic-enabled headsets for our laptop synced phone lines, and collaborating services like Microsoft Office, working from home has started to become second nature, but what happens when the workday finishes?

After our first couple of weeks working from home, we asked around our Flo team about how they’re managing their usual social life, and these are some key survival ideas from them:


  • Keeping moving

Not having to travel to work and back or drop off/pick up the children, may leave you with more time in the day, however with the gyms closed and social gatherings against guidelines, it may leave you with less motivation.

We’ve found that through platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to name a few, fitness gurus are getting creative and giving online classes for free. If you go to a gym, attend local classes, or even have a PT, check to see if they are offering online sessions, free or paid, your support is very valuable.

For the parents amongst us, the Joe Wicks morning PE sessions have become very popular with not only younger audiences, but for anyone looking for a feel-good workout. Another favourite has been the simple daily walk. Sticking to all Government assured guidelines, after a day indoors, a walk, whether it be with your kids, dog, or just by yourself, is really appreciated.

If in doubt, nothing quite beats a good dance around the house!

  • Fighting boredom

Regarding paid for streaming services, there are loads to choose from. The recent launch of Disney+, proving there truly is something for everyone, and with most offering a free month/week trial, a family film night or boxset binge can be a saviour.

However, if you’re after something more social and challenging, pubs across the country have moved their quizzes online! The usual hosting platform being Facebook, you and your family and/or friends can virtually play along with people all around the world.

If you are a social media regular, you’ll have noticed the home baking phenomenon that has swept the nation. At Flo we love a bake off, members of our team have regularly brought in amazing home bakes, and its great to know we’ve all been giving it a go at home.

Fun for all the family (provided you can get the ingredients!)

Or even a good old sort out. Tasks you have been putting off or genuinely haven't found the time for can be embarked upon - and we can confirm - can leave you feeling most satisfied!

  • Staying connected

At Flo we are very grateful for the use of video calling. Not only helping us with our remote working, platforms like Facebook, Zoom and WhatsApp have been instrumental with helping our team connect with families and friends.

For us, a kick about in the park has been swapped for a virtual one through online gaming or a garden-based on, a girls night out has been swapped for a nights in on FaceTime or Zoom, and date nights in have given us all a chance to perfect our 'Come Dine With Me' skills. 

It’s important to remember that social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing, just because we are apart, it doesn’t mean we can’t still be together.

Below are some resources for the activities mentioned above - hope they help:







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