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New business development is crucial to the long term success of a new recruitment agency, but with it becoming increasingly difficult to get through to the correct person when 'cold calling' - what can you do to overcome this, and what other options are there to attract business and build a client portfolio?


1. Branding - first things first, establishing a clear company brand and professional image - including logo, website, stationary etc. - and be clear, know your niche and specialist area.


2. Content Marketing - if skills and resources allow, a website blog is a great way to attract potential clients. Useful, engaging and industry specific content gives people a reason to find and be interested in you, makes you stand out from competitors and improves your search ranking (SEO).


3. LinkedIn - with over 500 million members (over 106 million active users) it is reported; accessible prospects, quality potential referrals and the recommendations feature, LinkedIn has to be a priority when building a client portfolio. A strategic approach monitoring internal movement and retention patterns within a company offers valuable insights, while being active on the platform - either creating your own groups or contributing to related professional groups - boosts your presence further. Showcase your business ensuring details are accurate on your company page, including your website, specialties and a full description of what service you offer.


4. Networking - isn't about short-term gains, but about getting out to events and meet-up's, and forming meaningful connections. The easier you are to talk to, the more comfortable people will feel and the more open to a relationship they may be. It is also easier to build a rapport by asking open-ended questions. A specific business niche helps to make more deep-seated connections while networking, rather than a more generic recruitment approach and follow up, ideally within 48 hours of meeting the person.


5. Cold Callingremains a popular business development method and can be highly effective when the correct approach is used. Groundwork and research is key (and sometimes a thick skin required!) but prepare by sending a warm-up email or by engaging with a potential customer through social media, by commenting on a post or sharing a tweet. Have belief when you embark on the call, as positivity can be projected and remember you are taking an opportunity to present information to individuals who otherwise would not have access to it, you are providing a solution.


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