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Gaining clients is one thing but retaining them is another. Customer loyalty is crucial in a highly competitive industry like temporary recruitment. Returning customers can ensure regular contracts and are an excellent promotional tool for your business and brand. To ensure that your client list grows you must provide an exceptional level of customer service that distinguishes you from competitors.

Understanding and listening to your customers’ wants and needs is vital. Keep lines of communication open and engage as much as possible, particularly after the period of contract is over, as a means of maintaining a working relationship.


Impress Clients

  • Maintaining knowledge of the recruitment industry: attend industry meet-ups, conferences and workshops as a way of networking and gaining up-to-date knowledge of industry trends.

  • Maintaining relevant social media accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all great platforms for the temporary recruitment industry. Consider less obvious choices too such as Instagram. This image sharing platform is a huge business tool which should not be sidelined. For example, use your account to post ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses into your business culture and team.

  • Engaging your clients. Keep lines of communication open with clients by engaging them in conversation, either directly by making one to one contact or more generally through social media. 

  • Sending regular newsletters packed with industry- relevant information and updates on your client services.

  • Celebrate your customers’ successes. Publicly celebrate the successes of your clients via social media, your newsletter or giving them a call out on your website. Being aligned with other successful businesses raises your profile also.

  • Maintaining direct contact once a contract has been fulfilled. Schedule periodic calls or emails with customers checking in with how things are going or updating them on an aspect of your business that might benefit them. 

  • Asking for feedback and responding positively and proactively. An important component of your client aftercare is gaining feedback and responding to this feedback. Use these opportunities to demonstrate the growth of your agency and the importance it places on customer satisfaction.

  • Updating your website and maintaining strong client portfolios.

  • Offering your customers strategic advice. It may sound obvious but act in your clients best interests by striving to provide the best service and sound advice. As an expert in your field, you can offer advice to clients if you think you have ideas that may influence their recruitment strategy. 


When Things Go Wrong...

However well you perform, there may be times when things go wrong and you must act accordingly and in the appropriate manner:

  • Respond to complaints efficiently and in a professional manner.

  • Be proactive and provide solutions quickly.

  • Show the personality and human side to your recruitment agency by offering a sincere apology and demonstrating how you have learnt from your error.

  • Respond to feedback. If your client complains with feedback that you can tangibly action, make sure you do. Act efficiently and let your client know what you have done to address their negative experience so it is not repeated.

  • Securing new business from new clients is a central part of your agency growth. However, this is far more costly than retaining the clients you already have. Divide your energies between chasing new business while offering the best possible care to your existing clients. 


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