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In such a fast-paced industry as temp recruiting, how can you ensure your time is spent on the most crucial key tasks, and those you want to be doing, to develop and grow your business?

Know where your time is going

Track your time, which tasks take the longest, or are the most laborious? Do you find repetitive processes the most frustrating and a real time-hog? If you can spot the most and least productive times of the day, you can more easily schedule work around these, to maximise productivity.

 It is a great idea to start each day with prioritising elements, to ensure the most crucial tasks are tackled. Keep distractions to a minimum - keeping your phone on silent and logging out of LinkedIn for example, but also ensure regular breaks are taken. They are not only beneficial to keep focus but they are essential to keep stress at bay.



Define an email and messaging session/s each day. In a typical day the amount of emails or messages can be overwhelming and disruptive. By designating specific time/s to work through them, allows less interference with other tasks and increases efficient and quality output. 

 Creating email templates for more routine responses can save a lot of time too. Ensure you have them for various scenarios but don't forget to personalise where needed before sending.



As a temporary recruiter, it is your responsibility to make sure that all agency workers have valid right to work documents along with any compliance items required for the type of work they are hired to do. You are also responsible for checking that all agency workers are treated fairly under the Agency Workers Regulations.

 It is difficult to know the ins and outs of every piece of legislation which could be pertinent to an industry, and the full extent of all the possible compliance issues for temp recruitment agencies, but it is estimated as many as 25% of recruiters could be non-compliant with the latest HMRC legislation without their knowledge.

 Temporary recruitment software can assist you by organising compliance items and reminding you when tasks need to be carried out. 



One of the biggest problems recruiters face is the vast array of admin tasks. If you can automate procedures, such as dealing with candidate timesheets or processing payroll, this allows you to focus on more meaningful tasks and frees up resources, improving both the client and candidate experience. Your business workflow needs flexibility and reliability; that’s precisely what our recruitment software can offer you!


From managing bookings and processing timesheets to training and support, we help to transform the running of your business with simple, intuitive software. Streamlining your business’s workflow from start to finish and storing essential information about the qualifications, skills and documentation held by each agency worker - ensuring compliance at all times.

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