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You can always aspire to be better at your job, particularly within such a competitive area as recruitment. To make a real impact in your role, you need to keep on top of industry developments and also remain active and organised with both building and maintaining your client and candidate network.


Be confident  

Always ask thorough and appropriate questions when dealing with clients and ideally work in partnership. Be honest with regards to a response to client requirements, to make sure what they are looking for in a candidate is realistic, for example the pay scale drafted for the job scope in hand. Use your area of expertise and advise if and when needed.


Be tech savvy

Know your recruitment technology and seek formal training if required, improving and speeding-up usage technique providing the fastest route to maximising the full functionality of the system. The long term benefits and efficiencies will outweigh any training costs involved significantly. 


Be online 

Maintain a strong online presence and start to build a personal brand. Social media channels are invaluable and efforts - to build followers, network and share an industry insider voice - in this area can be easily and quickly rewardedOnline sources are also an essential reference point for recruitment developments and industry podcasts are a brilliant way of keeping up-to-date.


Be open-minded

Consider a mentor or shadow others, showing an eagerness to learn and a keeness to improve. This can be the quickest way to adopt new skills or brush-up on weaker areas, for example enriched questioning techniques or understanding better new recruitment industry legislation.


Be a team player

Individuals all have their own ideas and their own skills to bring to an agency and by working as a team, create something far more outstanding. Collaboration between staff allows for increased creativity, a support network, appropriate task allocation, cross-training and overall increased agency efficiency. 


Be a good communicator

Good communication is at the heart of successful recruitment with regards to building relationships with clients, candidates and co-workers. If your last interaction with one of your clients left them looking forward to your next call, then you’re doing things right. If not, then developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with them is less likely to happen. In recruitment, good systems and processes are vital in helping excellent communication become an integral and intuitive way of working.


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