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Whether targets or goals were achieved in 2020, I think we can all agree there are many things about 2020 that we would like to forget!

As we have just entered another UK wide lockdown, how can you look forward positively to plan, prepare and work towards a successful 2021, either as a new startup or existing temp agency?

Think ahead

Consider yearly targets and if you could get ahead in these first few months of the year. January can be a busy month for the temp recruitment industry as new year resolutions or business changes can lead to job or circumstance change. Clients can also have new budgets and targets. 

Think about existing main clients and their usual spend, and be proactive with them. Also focus essential time on winning new business both to ensure consistent cashflow and business growth.

Be visible

Make yourself seen and heard in January! With a marketing and social media plan drafted to take you through the next few months, or longer if time allows for planning and ideas. The more you can do now the easier it will be to maintain the momentum and keep yourself and your business in the forefront.

Does your website need a refresh? Whether it be to revitalise content, enhance design or investing in SEO management, it is always worth reviewing your online presence and purpose periodically.


Create a voice for your agency to reflect your brand’s positioning and convey how unique your agency is in comparison to the rest of the industry, is very important in such a busy market place. Whether it’s through quirky customer interactions or highlighting your company’s USPs, social media can be a very effective tool for differentiating your brand.

Be organised!

If you have temp agency software in place, ensure you are getting the most out of it. Do you need refresher training? Do you have any new starters or others in the business that could benefit from using the technology and do they require formal training?

If you are new to temporary recruitment software, explore what is out there in terms of free demos. You could save money and a considerable amount of time through the procedure improvements software can bring.

Specific industry software can bring many benefits - ensuring you stay compliant, competitive and remain ahead of the game, being just some. This January make it count! 


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