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Keeping temporary workers happy is vital for recruitment agencies and keeping up with the latest technology will make your – and their - life easier. Happier workers mean fewer time-consuming and costly mistakes for you to contend with.

So what should you be doing to keep your temporary workforce informed and onside? Well, communication is key.

Like any busy recruitment agency, you probably spend a great deal of your time on the phone to candidates, updating them on jobs and reminding them about time-sheets, hours and confirming appointments and interviews. This can end up taking hours out of your working day.

Speed up communications

Most people have a mobile phone and setting up SMS messaging can speed up communication with your temporary workers by contacting groups of them at once. So if you have a number of temporary workers in place you can contact them all at the same time. You’ll save money and time, and can even personalise messages with specific names and job numbers using certain software packages. You can contact groups of people in one go about vacancies and people can be encouraged to text in their interest. Organising an auto-reply with a relevant link would encourage people to inquire further straight away.

Face to face interviews could become a thing of the past as packages such as Skype, Zoom and join me become the norm. They can be used anywhere there is internet access, cutting down drastically on time and cost, and can be much more convenient for both of you. They offer features such as video or audio recording, which can be really useful for referring back or comparing candidates.

Cloud based software

If you want to have access to your business from anywhere and cut down on costly administration, using a cloud-based software system is the way forward. Cloud-based software is available 24/7, offers extra security and endless storage capacity. It can increase your competitiveness and it’s environmentally friendly.

You can save huge amounts of time by not having to manually input data. Online timesheets process candidates’ hours correctly and you can also stay industry compliant with automated alerts.

If you are looking for ways to improve your recruitment agency’s offering to both clients and candidates by cutting costs and administrative errors, consider the benefits of implementing a time-saving software system such as WorkFlo: Software.


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