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Tips for promoting your recruitment brand this Christmas...

With Christmas around the corner, it's easy to see why brands excel during the festive period. Giants like John Lewis and Coca Cola have built up a reputation with their yearly adverts making the brand almost the finishing touch for the Christmas period, a few people believing that it isn’t quite Christmas until they’ve seen the Coca Cola advert.

A big event such as Christmas is easily recognisable and easy to incorporate into your branding and help spread the cheer. If you are looking for ways to help promote your brand this festive season, read on for some tips.

  • Give your social media and website branding a Christmas feel

Why not start with the first thing people see when being introduced to your agency? Adding a Christmas feel to your social media or website can be as easy as adding a Christmas hat on your social media profile picture or altering your website logo, banner, or website background for the Christmas period. The smallest of seasonal changes can help your brand stick and be memorable.

For existing customers, a Christmas email signature is a simple way to say Merry Christmas and remind people of those all-important office closure dates and contact numbers. For bigger website changes, you can download a Wordpress integrated plugin to mimic snow, animated lights, or even snow people on your website.

  • Use festive hashtags and create festive content

Working from home can make team content harder to obtain, however one way to involve all the team and create content is taking part in festive activities. Having in-office Christmas activities such as secret santa, gingerbread house decorating competitions, and quizzes are great ways for the team to get involved all while creating content opportunities. Creating polls or asking questions on social media is a great way to encourage engagement and help promote your brand - asking the team to send in pictures of their trees, Christmas wishes, or even what the team are most looking forward to on their Christmas dinner are great ways to showcase the personalities of team behind your brand.

Hashtags are equally as important to help your content get seen. Why not check out what your connections are using and engaging with. Some of our favourites are #festivefriday and #christmascountdown, relating tags to your post is a must.

  • Say thank you to all your existing customers

When reflecting on the year that’s been, it's important to show that you care about each one of your clients. Posting on social media all your thanks and appreciation is a good way to highlight both your clients’ businesses and the relationships you share – giving clients and individuals a public shout out i.e. Kudos on LinkedIn is a great way to thank those for all their hard work this year.

To show your direct appreciation, if budgets allow, a card or gift sent from your team to theirs is a great way to strengthen your relationship and demonstrate how grateful you are for working with them. Keep your business card out of the gift as to not make it a sales pitch, but a gift including your own branded items such as pens and notebooks can help keep your brand in peoples' minds both in the office and on the road, as well as being a useful gift.

  • End-of-year newsletter

Similarly to the above, reflecting on the year that’s been is a great way to show your appreciation. In an end-of-year newsletter, it gives you chance to throwback to all your agency highlights from over the year i.e. new team members, clients both new and existing, favourite moments, or even things you wish you’d done better or differently to really resonate with your audience. Honestly is appreciated. Also due to the current circumstances with team members working from home, a newsletter is a great way for your team to stay connected and celebrate achievements – all while keeping your audience up-to-date on your agency.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, it's not just about increasing sales, it's important to strengthen existing relationships and help form new ones. By upping your branding at Christmas, you are helping get your brand out to different people, using festive hashtags and content may not directly be related to what services you sell, but you never know who may see it or who they know via the power of social media.


Merry Christmas from Flo


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