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To form a perfect team in any area is no easy task but how do you start off with a new agency and recruit exceptional team players that can help drive the business forwards with innovation and passion?

From the beginning your company values and objectives need to be clear as they will influence your hiring decisions and daily behaviour in the business. A good recruiting process starts with creating a great team who have the skills and experience to deliver business targets.

Costs of a bad hire can be hard to assess but according to Idex Consultancy, the incorrect hiring of a mid-manager position, could cost a business up to £132,000, including loss of management time and productivity.

First things first...

Your first appointments build the foundations of your team - entrepreneur.com suggests the first 10-30 hires create the DNA of your company - so plan and select carefully those that have a similar mindset. Obtaining the best engagement from your team from day one will ensure you get the best from them. Remember skills can be learnt but personalities are often set in stone!

Identify positions and prioritise. If you don't need full time positions from the outset recruit for part-time hours, work to what you can afford and your budget.

Spend time on job descriptions, a structured interview process and then a thorough on-boarding and training programme, as you would recommend to your clients. 

What to look for...

Aim for a diverse mix of talent including: networking and negotiation skills, industry experience, marketing capabilities and digital recruitment tool know-how..

1. Industry experience and insight is hard to teach; an existing understanding and an established candidate or client list, can be a great asset. 

2. Sales experience is crucial - being used to networking plus managing and nurturing a pipeline, while ultimately closing deals confidently.

3. Team friendly - those that are happy to share knowledge and work together, with strong people and listening skills. Good team dynamics are invaluable. 

4. Technological competence - an existing ability with digital tools for example LinkedIn or a keenness to learn can go a long way! Recruitment software can bring strong advantages and assist the workflow of the whole team.

5. Marketing insight and a multi-channel approach brings your company brand to life, telling your story and helping to create a niche to work within.

And to hold onto good talent...

Open communication in the form of regular team meetings and catch up 'huddles' can keep the team informed on business matters, encourage idea sharing and best practice tips.

A focus on staff personal development through regular reviews, team workshops and training opportunities ensure they feel they are invested in and valued.



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