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Whichever area you operate in as a temp recruitment agency,  the same challenges exist effecting day-to-day operations and planning. Being aware or reminded of the main issues can at least forewarn you when starting a temp agency and ensure you are ready to tackle them head on!

Consistent service offering

In a busy competitive industry you need to work hard to secure and retain quality candidates and clients. Impressing both starts before they become customers and continues throughout your working relationship, with the high quality service you deliver and aftercare you provide. Clients and candidates who have a good experience of working with your agency are more likely to become repeat business and may well recommend your services to others.

Recruiter and client relationship

Customer expectations are higher than ever and a clear brief is needed and expectations transparent, to ensure the right skill set, calibre of candidate and desired result is achieved. If there is a lack of harmony and communication between recruiter and client, issues in the recruitment process can obviously arise and slow down the process.

Keep up to date with new communication tools which will benefit your business. Be flexible and adapt to meet the needs of your clients, tailoring your communication methods to meet individual needs. 

Engaging top quality candidates 

In a candidate heavy market where candidates are in demand, it can become difficult to attract and engage with who you would like to. A delay in the recruitment process can damage relationships and mean the finest candidates are snapped up by competitors. According to ZoomInfo blog, the best candidates are off the market in 10 days! Often because you are lead by clients the hiring timescale can be out of your control somewhat, but there are software packages you can use to help keep on track as much as possible.

Administration, administration, administration

The industry has seen an increase in use of technology over the last number of years due to the benefits such a system can offer. Software that automates and facilitates your key administration tasks will save you time and money. It can demonstrate your professionalism, reduce risk of human error plus vastly increase productivity - ultimately increasing profits. Safe and secure data storage and compliance assurance are provided in addition, prompting you when actions are needed in this area.

Data analysis

Many recruiters today will utilise technology tools in someway within their agency but some will not be so good at effectively using data to inform recruitment decisions and behaviour. Measuring the right components is important to ensure improvements are made in the right areas and time invested in the best way.  It can be difficult to decipher the overwhelming data related to your output and how to turn this into actionable information and insights to benefit your business. The right software will offer a built-in reporting platform to speed up this process for you. 


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