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If you run a temporary recruitment agency or are just starting out, then you’ll know (or soon will do!) that keeping on top of your administrative chores is imperative.

It’s not simply a case of holding the contact details for every worker on your books, it's that key information – such as a worker’s availability, their area of expertise, their Right to Work documentations and renewal dates, the hours they’ve worked, the jobs they’ve worked on and also their payment details – that have to be stored, checked and frequently updated.

In short, it’s a lot of work – especially if you’re still working with spreadsheets and paper based administration. But there is a better way.

Online booking software offers a quicker, easier, and cheaper way of ensuring that you keep on top of your administrative chores. It maximises efficiency and reduces risk.

How can I benefit from using online booking software?

Operating in a heavily regulated sector, vigilance is essential if you’re to avoid costly penalties and damage to your reputation.

Ensuring that a worker has the Right to Work and also has the necessary certifications to perform a job is of paramount importance. Likewise, you need to make sure that you comply with the Agency Workers Regulations. And that, of course, means that you need to keep a close eye on dates, so that you can take the appropriate action at the right time.

Using manual systems is time-consuming and risky – it’s all too easy to make an expensive mistake through an oversight. A software system however, is quicker and safer. Good recruitment software, that’s been designed specifically for use by temporary recruitment agencies, makes it easy to book workers onto jobs, automatically ensuring that only available workers who meet the necessary skill and compliance requirements are placed.

How does an online booking software system work?

A good online booking software system will be easy to use and access, and ideally be cloud based meaning it can be accessed from any internet enabled device, anywhere, anytime. It should allow concurrent access by multiple users, including client access for greater visibility and be simple to set up.

What’s more a good system will also allow data to be migrated to it and will come with readily accessible technical advice and training, and UK-based support.

How much does online booking software cost?

As you would expect, the price of software depends on a number of factors. The best course of action therefore, is to contact the software supplier for a software demo and a bespoke quote.


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