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As it is all about the 'quiz' at the moment, we thought we would test your knowledge in our own recruitment themed general knowledge quiz.

Remember - stretching your brain is great exercise for it!


1. What’s one of the biggest mistakes employers make when crafting job ads?

a) Including job benefits

b) Listing too many requirements

c) Not using clear job titles


2. Why do organisations draw up a workforce plan?

a) To identify current staffing requirements

b) To identify organisation charts

c) To identify future staffing requirements


3. Pitbull dog, Brynneth Pawltro, resides in the town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. What is his job?

a) Chief of police

b) Mayor

c) Therapist

d) Taste Tester


4. What % of job seekers quit online job applications because of their length?
a) 15%
b) 60%
c) 36%
d) 72%


5. Nick worked on a contract from November 2010 – March 2011, then his contract ended. He gets rehired on a separate contract on August 2011, do the company need to have new background checks/references conducted?

a) Yes

b) No


6. Which of these job titles are not real?
a) Ethical Hacker
b) Hippotherapist
c) Veterinary Acupuncturist
d) Number Ninja


7. STAR is an effective technique for probing candidates in interviews, what does it stand for?
a) Story, Task, Answer, Result
b) Situation, Task, Action, Result
c) Situation, Technique, Answer, Remote


8. What is video game legend Super Mario’s occupation?
a) Electrician
b) Plumber
c) Builder
d) Chef


9. What is person specification?
a) A form consisting of pre-prepared questions set by the organisation
b) A document that states the tasks and responsibilities of a job
c) A document that states the skills and qualifications needed to do the job


10. Which type of testing tests the attitudes or character of a candidate?
a) Psychometric tests
b) Aptitude tests
c) Intelligence tests


11. How old was Queen Elizabeth II when she was crowned?
a) 27
b) 31
c) 25
d) 35


12. What is the average time an employer spends looking at a CV 

a) 1-2 minutes

b) 3-4 minutes

c) 5-7 seconds

d) 30-35 seconds


We hope you did well - answers are just below.




1-b, 2-c, 3-b, 4-b, 5-a, 6-d, 7-b, 8-b, 9-c, 10-a, 11-a, 12-c




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