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Following on from the most serious cyber-attack on the UK so far, the Wannacry ransomware attack in May last year that disrupted hospitals, the focus on data security is more acute than ever. So what are the key things to know about cyber security for new recruitment agencies?

Cyber-attacks have evolved rapidly in the last few years from the first ‘Morris worm’ in 1989 and subsequent viruses in the 1990s, and it is an ongoing challenge for IT specialists to keep up with the ‘blackhats’ – hackers with malicious intent. 

It is not only large enterprises holding millions of people’s details that are the targets. SMEs are at just as much risk because they are seen as a gateway to bigger organisations – and with much weaker security.

Companies can be fined if their security is deemed insufficient following a breach but such incidents not only bring about financial penalties but also cause extreme damage to reputation and future business potential.

So how can agencies which hold or are building up the kind of information cyber criminals want to get their virtual hands on, protect that valuable data?

Putting in place a secure cloud-based system from a reputable provider which places security at the forefront of their service is the first step for temporary recruitment agencies, who hold huge amounts of candidates’ personal and financial details.

There are also regular upgrades and software patches that your supplier will deal with, often at no extra cost and with no disruption to your business.

But this is only half the story and much responsibility for securing your data must lie with the security policy you put in place for employees.

One of the plus points about a cloud-based system is the ability to access all the information you need from any internet-enabled device, wherever you are, 24/7. But who in your company has access to this facility? And are they using their personal devices for work purposes? Are these devices secure in themselves?

According to one US mobile security company director, employees are ‘accessing and sharing sensitive information on personal devices, no matter the security policy in place’.  Does your recruitment agency have a comprehensive cyber security policy in place?

Whether you are an established temporary recruitment agency or are just starting up, WorkFlo: Software can help you face today’s technological security demands. Our real time, cloud-based recruitment software will give you all the tools needed to more effectively run your business safely and as securely as possible.


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