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Using software tailor-made for the temporary recruitment industry is another way in which technology can greatly benefit your business by: 

  • Automating all key administrative processes while keeping you compliant and reassuring your customers that you are a professional and highly efficient business to work with 
  • Saving you time and money, reducing paperwork and improving security for you and your customers 
  • The best software is specific to the industry, cloud-based and designed to manage the entire recruitment process on one system by automating a comprehensive range of processes, such as:
    1. Candidate Bookings 
    2. Electronic timesheets
    3. Payroll Export 
    4. Automated Invoicing 
    5. AWR Tracking and Reporting 
    6. Eligibility Checks 
    7. Contract and compliance management in line with current legislation 
    8. Two-way candidate SMS to efficiently communicate job details to candidates 
    9. Client Portal Facility. A client portal facility can set you apart from competitors, providing visibility of bookings, timesheets, candidate compliance and AWR status 

Software isn’t limited to just back office management tools either, you may like to invest some time and money into finding CV checking software, specific job posting sites/ Apps, ATS software, or even a sales CRM. Not forgetting non-recruitment focused software, like Canva for marketing tools, or Wordpress for your website creation and management which are very important for building your brand. 


Understanding the main challenges  

Whether you are a start-up or a well established agency, you will at some point face the same main challenges. It's crucial to be aware of these and how you can go about resolving them. 

One of the biggest challenges facing temporary recruitment agencies is to establish and maintain a quality candidate pool. In order to retain the best candidates, they must be offered a high level service from your agency – get our infographic here to find out more about attracting and retaining  candidates. 

Once you have found your candidates, you need to stay on top of all administration and compliance. As stated above, back office management can help you store and manage all of your candidates, bookings, timesheets and more, and rather importantly, store information about the qualifications, skills and documentation held by each agency worker, including expiry dates, the date on which proof was checked and when any further checks should be made.

When a new role becomes available, software can also be used to select only those agency workers who hold the correct documentation, including both right to work and compliance items required for the job, to read more about compliance in recruitment, check out our blog on here. 

In such a fast-paced industry as temp recruiting, it can be hard to ensure your time is spent on the most crucial key tasks, especially those you want to be doing, to develop and grow your business.

One of the biggest problems recruiters face is the vast array of admin tasks. If you can automate procedures, such as dealing with candidate timesheets or processing payroll, this allows you to focus on more meaningful tasks and frees up resources, improving both the client and candidate experience. Your business workflow needs flexibility and reliability; that’s precisely what the right recruitment software can offer you!


Download our handy infographic: Time Bandits and Regaining Control



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