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To those in the computing space, cloud computing has been gathering traction for a number of years, but now it is almost expected with regards to forward thinking recruitment software.


What is Cloud computing?

  • It is sold on-demand, meaning you pay for what you use effectively like any other utility
  • It is elastic, meaning you can increase and decrease the amount you use at very short notice
  • It is fully managed by an external service provider, meaning experts run your IT for you


So why should agencies move to the cloud?

Surveys have shown that savings with cloud-based recruitment software can be as high as 30% over an in-house provision. But in all honesty, these cost savings mask the real benefits of moving to the cloud. The two biggest benefits are business agility and business resilience.

Business agility – As the cloud is provided by a larger IT organisation, this gives access to scalability that would not be available for an in-house solution. This means that unexpected requirements can be satisfied quickly and easily, leading to a seamless service to the customer. It can also mean a 'greener approach', with a more efficient use of energy based on real-time requirements.

Business resilience – The cloud providers have to ensure that data is always available and always backed up, meaning the risk around data loss is handled by experts. From a risk mitigation standpoint this gives enterprise level computing to a smaller agency for example.

Partnering with a service provider that operates in the cloud gives you more capability when it comes to working with others, as well as better security and less paperwork. Wherever you have access to the Internet, you can connect with your partners and deliver a quality service. 

In the past, IT departments could spend an inordinate amount of time updating software and taking care of security patches. Cloud providers take on that burden as part of their value proposition, allowing agencies to focus their technology personnel on more strategic and profitable activities.



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